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[Openstack] [OSSA-2018-002] GET /v3/OS-FEDERATION/projects leaks project information (CVE-2018-14432)

OSSA-2018-002: GET /v3/OS-FEDERATION/projects leaks project information

:Date: July 25, 2018
:CVE: CVE-2018-14432

- Keystone: <11.0.4, ==12.0.0, ==13.0.0

Kristi Nikolla with Boston University reported a vulnerability in
Keystone federation. By doing GET /v3/OS-FEDERATION/projects an
authenticated user may discover projects they have no authority to
access, leaking all projects in the deployment and their attributes.
Only Keystone with the /v3/OS-FEDERATION endpoint enabled via
policy.json is affected.

- (Ocata)
- (Pike)
- (Queens)
- (Rocky)

- Kristi Nikolla from Boston University (CVE-2018-14432)

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