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[Openstack] [gnocchi] Clarification what is a metric?

I have been under the impression that a metric associates a name and a
resource. For example, all resources of type /instance/_//_have a /cpu
/metric. Perhaps I am wrong. Who can explain it to me or, better, point
me to an explanation?

I want to create time series of temperatures in various places. There
are already three resources of type generic named tokyo, osaka and

Next step, each resource needs a metric named /heat/. So I try:
gnocchi metric create --resource-id tokyo --archive-policy medium --unit
celsius heat
gnocchi metric create --resource-id osaka --archive-policy medium --unit
celsius heat
gnocchi metric create --resource-id frankfurt --archive-policy medium
--unit celsius heat

The first command succeeds. The two others don't:
Named metric heat already exists (HTTP 409)

gnocchi metric show --resource-id frankfurt heat
Metric heat does not exist (HTTP 404)

I also tried

gnocchi metric create 37e04566-bcfe-52b6-81e3-371bdf71c813/heat

but that creates a metric named
/37e04566-bcfe-52b6-81e3-371bdf71c813/heat/ which is not associated with
resource /37e04566-bcfe-52b6-81e3-371bdf71c813/.

*What can I do to associate all three resources with metric **/heat/**?*
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