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[Openstack] down?!

On 2018-07-23 11:28:50 +0200 (+0200), ErdÅ?si Péter wrote:
> I got connection refused when trying to open
> I've tried it from HBONE (AS 1955) and UPC (AS 6830) networks with
> no luck.

It wasn't a routing issue. The server's Web service was actually not
running. Something seems to have occurred (perhaps hit a race
condition bug) around the time of the server's scheduled jobs (log
rotation, et cetera) which raised a Django WSGI exception and killed
the parent Apache process. Starting Apache again has restored the
site to working order. Thanks for reporting!

> Can someone investigate or escalate this to the right place?

A more appropriate list would have been
openstack-infra at (Cc'd on my reply).
Jeremy Stanley
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