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[Openstack] [netvirt-dev] VM as a router with ODL/OpenStack

Hi Jaime

Thank you - I will try this and see how it works.


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Hello David

On the router VM, you would probably dedicate a port for management with a floating ip assigned.

The you would have extra ports for as many nets the router is servicing, two in the case of trex simple setup. These ports would have port security disabled:

openstack port set <port> --no-security-group --disable-port-security

If running trex in the cloud vm, more less the same. Have one port for management. Then two other ports for trex traffic. On these ports, add allowed address pairs for and respectively

openstack port set <port> --allowed-address ip-address=

If you have any routers in the middle, add static routes.

Not actually tried with ODL, but this works with neutron ovs driver.

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Subject: [netvirt-dev] VM as a router with ODL/OpenStack
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Iâ??m trying to use a VM as a router in an OpenStack + ODL installation.

I have the VM set up with two internal addresses - and   They are allocated floating public addresses of and respectively.

I am using a TREx load generator which sources from and
sinks to   

I have added routes both ways on the routers between the floating and private addresses.

I have read that I need to disable â??port securityâ?? on the VM ports to allow IP spoofing - does this also include the router ports?

Also, when I start a test session generating traffic from -> I see a flow in OVS which matches but has an action of â??drop.â??

How do I overcome this?

Thanks in advance


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