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[Openstack] [networking-odl] Builds are failing in Stable/pike in networking-odl


Hi Isaku,

I found the reason for the build failure. below path it should be distribution-artifacts instead of distribution-karaf

Line no: 7 is causing the problem

>From logs:

opt/stack/new/networking-odl/devstack/functions:_odl_nexus_path:7 :   echo

I think below code needs a fix, Can you please help us out ?

case "$ODL_RELEASE" in


        # use karaf because distribution-karaf isn't available for Nitrogen at the moment

        # TODO(yamahata): when distriution-karaf is available, remove this








From: A Vamsikrishna
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2018 6:14 PM
To: 'openstack-dev at' <openstack-dev at>; openstack at
Subject: [networking-odl] Builds are failing in Stable/pike in networking-odl

Hi All,

Builds are failing in Stable/pike in networking-odl on below review:
looks that issue is here:
There is 404 from<> service and snapshot version is missing & only /-SNAPSHOT/maven-metadata.xml, it should be 0.8.3-SNAPSHOT or 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT
This job is making use of carbon based ODL version & not able to find it.

Any idea how to fix / proceed further to make stable/pike builds to be successful ?

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