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[Openstack] [Designate] designate-sink for multiple regions?

     During our migration from nova-network to neutron, we'll be running 
two nova regions in parallel in our cloud.  I have designate-sink 
working just fine in our existing (nova-network) region, but since sink 
is only listening to the rabbit queue of that region it's oblivious to 
to events that happen in the Neutron region.
     My tentative plan is to run a second designate instance in the 
second region, but point it to the same database as designate in the 
nova-network region so that the db (and associated mdns services) 
contain the aggregate knowledge from both regions.  At first blush that 
sounds terrible and prone to a million race conditions, but it's not 
/that/ different from what the HA designate guide suggests (apart from 
using different queues, which may or may not be a deal breaker.)

     Am I on the road to deadlocks and database corruption?  Is there a 
more straightforward solution to this problem that I'm missing?

     I'm running version Mitaka -- I've investigated using direct 
Neutron integration workflow in the new region instead but it appears to 
be broken in Mitaka as per ; I'd be happy to be 
wrong about that!