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[Openstack] How to make Neutron select a specific subnet when boot an instance


depending on your workflow there would be a way with scripting [0],  
not sure if this would be a suitable approach for you.
There also has been a blueprint [1] for the selection of subnets  
during instance creation since Juno, but I can't find anything about  
an implementation.



Zitat von Hang Yang <skinnyh92 at>:

> Hi there,
> I have one question about choosing a specific subnet when boot a vm. My
> OpenStack cluster is in Queens and I have multiple subnets in one network.
> What I want is when I issue a boot command the instance only gets ip from
> one subnet by default. I know there is a way to achieve that by creating a
> port with --fixed-ip subnet=xxx then pass the port id to boot command.
> Wondering if there is another way that does not need manually create the
> port? Is there any configuration I can do to make it default for Neutron to
> only pick one subnet from a network in boot?
> Thanks for any help.
> Best regards,
> Hang