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[Openstack] [nova][api] Novaclient redirect endpoint https into http


On Wed, 4 Jul 2018 14:50:26 +0000, Bogdan Katynski wrote:
>> But, I can not use nova command, endpoint nova have been redirected from https to http. Here:  (command: nova â??insecure service list)
> First of all, it seems that the nova client is hitting /v2.1 instead of /v2.1/ URI and this seems to be triggering the redirect.
> Since openstack CLI works, I presume it must be using the correct URL and hence itâ??s not getting redirected.
>> And this is error log: Unable to establish connection tohttp:// ('Connection aborted.', BadStatusLine("''",))
> Looks to me that nova-api does a redirect to an absolute URL. I suspect SSL is terminated on the HAProxy and nova-api itself is configured without SSL so it redirects to an http URL.
> In my opinion, nova would be more load-balancer friendly if it used a relative URI in the redirect but thatâ??s outside of the scope of this question and since I donâ??t know the context behind choosing the absolute URL, I could be wrong on that.

Thanks for mentioning this. We do have a bug open in python-novaclient 
around a similar issue [1]. I've added comments based on this thread and 
will consult with the API subteam to see if there's something we can do 
about this in nova-api.