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Eventually, I probably have to figure out a way to make sure
that only I can create instances in the 'nova' AZ, but that
can be an exercise for another day..

However, and here comes the question after a long babbling of
what I'm up to, the two controller nodes need to be able to
manage _both_ availability zones! I can not (do not want to)
waste more resources. Technically, I don't really _NEED_ two
controllers, but for at least a rudimentary high-availability
(which is, because they're on the same network, on the same
switch, on the same breaker, the same power cable etc, etc,
is only imaginary and one can still handle the load just fine,
even with the possible future use, having two makes at least
_some_ shred of 'good idea'), I've already dedicated these two
physical nodes for that.

Is this possible? Can a controller node (i.e., a physical node
that runs EVERYTHING but Nova - aodh, barbican, ceilometer, cinder,
etc, etc, etc!) also control multiple availability zones?

They of course could have their own separate _default_ AZ, even
though I'm not sure that is needed.

The first objection I can think of is the networking - where
do the network go in/out of OS if the primary controller dies?
And how do I solve that? Currently, everything goes in and out
via the first control node, which seems to be just fine. So what
happens to the traffic if/when that dies? Will OS (Neutron)
automatically use the second controller?
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