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If your Cinder (or Nova in case you don't want/have to use a Cinder volume) is configured to use NFS your done.
You don't have to tell Nova boot command to use NFS  it will automatically use Cinder (or Nova) backend storage.
Say you have Nova running over NFS, if you nova boot an instance, it's disk will be created on Nova's backend which is NFS.
Same for Cinder if the backend is configured for NFS, boot an instance create a volume, the volume will be created on the NFS backend.

Hope I helped a bit.
If you have more questions fire away.

On Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 10:38 AM, Jean-Pierre Ribeauville <jpribeauville at<mailto:jpribeauville at>> wrote:

I just add NFS as backend .

Now, I want to launch an instance so it will be bootable from a nfs shared device .( and then ( itâ??s my hope) may migrate to another compute node)
( i.e. I boot from an .iso image )

I donâ??t find how , in the following nova boot command, to specify that I want that a â??nfsâ?? volume will be created to hold this instance  :

nova boot --image CentOS-7-ISO --block-device source=blank,dest=volume,size=10,shutdown=preserve --nic net-id=73d765a3-edca-4ac4-822d-1d0f30cc959b --flavor 2 CentOS-7-Bootable-Image

Thx for help



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