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What I feel is missing, though, is an official recommendation as to
which one to pick, or at least a comparsion of the pros and cons of
each, to help me make an informed choice myself.

I was able to figure out from the docs that DVR and GRE are features
that are only supported by OVS. Other than that, they seemed to have
equivalent features. Performance weren't discussed much, though, and the
blog posts I was able to find about the subject weren't unanimous
either (and they were mostly quite dated anyway).

I'm building a greenfield Liberty installation, so I have no
technological debt to worry about. Making a sound and
future-proof choice is my priority here - I really want to avoid
setting myself up for a migration project to correct a bad choice one
or three years down the road.

So, I'm soliciting your input: Which implementation did you choose, and
why? If you could make the choice anew for a greenfield Liberty
installation, would you make the same one?