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Internally we use Xeons in our data center and in our private clouds.

Further, in OpenStack, via the flavor extra specs, your virtual machines can leverage all the platform goodness. For instance, the OpenSSL library runs 6X faster for encryption and 10X faster for decryption on an Intel platform that has AES-NI instruction support.
Check out:
For NFV workloads you can leverage CPU pinning, huge page table support and NUMA awareness to ensure great performance.

Further, Intel is a major open source contributor to the Linux kernel. Distributions such as Red Hatâ??s Ubuntu, and Suse all benefit from Intel kernel enhancements that take advantage of our platform capabilities. Our contributions to Xen and KVM ensure that the virtualization overhead is kept to the minimum and we are constantly innovating.

Hope that helps.

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Subject: [Openstack] Processors - Intel vs AMD

Looking to purchase hardware for a Juno cloud and was wondering what people are using for processors.  Is there a preference between Intel vs AMD?  Does it make a functional difference?  Thanks,

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