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[Openstack-security] [Bug 1855902] Re: Inefficient Security Group listing

*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 1830679 ***

This was fixed in and backported
to stable/stein (15.0.0), it wasn't backported further.

Closing as a duplicate of

** This bug has been marked a duplicate of bug 1830679
   Security groups RBAC cause a major performance degradation

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  Inefficient Security Group listing

Status in neutron:

Bug description:

  Fetching a large Security Group list takes relatively long as several
  database queries are made for each Security Group.


  Listing SG's takes around 9 seconds with ~500 existing SG's, 16
  seconds with ~1000 SG's and around 30 seconds with ~1500 existing
  SG's, so this time seems to grow at least linearly with number of

  We've looked at flamegraphs of the neutron controller which show that
  the stack frame `/usr/lib/python2.7/site-
  splits into two long running functions, each taking about half of the
  time (one at line 112 and the other at 115).

  103 @classmethod
  104 def get_objects(cls, context, _pager=None, validate_filters=True,
  105                 **kwargs):
  106     # We want to get the policy regardless of its tenant id. We'll make
  107     # sure the tenant has permission to access the policy later on.
  108     admin_context = context.elevated()
  109     with cls.db_context_reader(admin_context):
  110         objs = super(RbacNeutronDbObjectMixin,
  111                      cls).get_objects(admin_context, _pager,
  112                                       validate_filters, **kwargs)
  113         result = []
  114         for obj in objs:
  115             if not cls.is_accessible(context, obj):
  116                 continue
  117             result.append(obj)
  118         return result

  We've also seen that the number of database queries also seems to grow

  * Listing ~500 SG's performs ~2100 queries
  * Listing ~1000 SG's performs ~3500 queries
  * Listing ~1500 SG's performs ~5200 queries

  This does not scale well, we're expecting a neglectable increase in
  listing time.


  * Create 1000 SG's
  * Execute `time openstack security group list`
  * Create 500 more SG's
  * Execute `time openstack security group list`


  We're using neutron 14.0.2-1 on CentOS 7.7.1908.

  Perceived Severity:


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