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[Openstack-security] [Bug 1749326] Re: Exploitable services exposed on community test nodes

It's worth noting that all the test nodes on which jobs run boot up with
the rules I linked above already applied. If memcached or other services
are being exposed on reachable interfaces of the node then it can only
be because you're altering or tearing down the existing iptables

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  Exploitable services exposed on community test nodes

Status in kolla-ansible:

Bug description:
  One of the donor service providers for the upstream OpenStack
  Infrastructure CI pool has notified us that their security team's
  periodic vulnerability scans have been identifying systems at random
  within our environment as running open memcached servers. Job
  correlation from these reports indicates each was running one of the


  Please adjust the configuration of your job framework to prevent these
  services from being exposed to the Internet (through iptables ingress
  filters, service ACLs, configuring them to not listen on globally-
  routable interfaces, whatever works). Thanks!

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