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[Openstack-security] [Bug 1543048] Fix included in openstack/keystone

This issue was fixed in the openstack/keystone development

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  support alternative password hashing in keystone

Status in OpenStack Identity (keystone):
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  Once upon a time there was bug #862730 recommending that alternative
  password hashing be supported which was closed as invalid since
  hashing became base-line feature of Keystone's passwords. It would be
  generally beneficial to support at the very least the passlib
  implementation of bcrypt as an alternative to strictly sha512 based
  password hashing. Ideally this should also take into account the
  relatively new player scrypt.

  NIST has standardized (afaict) on the SHA-2 based hashing, which
  should remain the default. Architecture that will support some
  different password hashing made available at least through passlib
  will make keystone better in the long term, allowing for operators to
  determine more than just the SHA-2 based cost.

  The proposal is as follows:

    * Allow selected support of different password hashing algorithms
  from with passlib architecturally

    * Expand to support bcrypt

    * Deprecate the "crypt_strength" option in favor of identifying the
  cost when selecting the password hashing algorithm such as:
  sha512::10000 or bcrypt::12

    * Keep the default the same as today

    * Identify the password hash based upon the algorithm used, no
  identifier = sha512 (this might not be required)

    * Add "py-bcrypt" or similar "preferred" backend(s) to extras in

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