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[OSSA-2020-007] Blazar: Remote code execution in blazar-dashboard (CVE-2020-26943)

OSSA-2020-007: Remote code execution in blazar-dashboard

:Date: October 12, 2020
:CVE: CVE-2020-26943

- Blazar-dashboard: <1.3.1, ==2.0.0, ==3.0.0

Lukas Euler (Positive Security) reported a vulnerability in
blazar-dashboard. A user allowed to access the Blazar dashboard in
Horizon may trigger code execution on the Horizon host as the user the
Horizon service runs under. This may result in Horizon host
unauthorized access and further compromise of the Horizon service. All
setups using the Horizon dashboard with the blazar-dashboard plugin
are affected.

- (Stein)
- (Train)
- (Ussuri)
- (Victoria)
- (Wallaby)

- Lukas Euler from Positive Security (CVE-2020-26943)

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