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Python 3.9 is here in Debian Sid

Hi there!

Matthias Klose decided that uploading Python 3.9 on the 14th of this
month (yes, the same day of the OpenStack release) would be fun. I am
now really having fun ... fixing bugs! :)

What's not so funny for me, is that some key packages like Greenlet or
lxml aren't built yet for Python 3.9, even though they should. As a
consequence, I just need to wait to be able to upload to Unstable. So
this will delay my usual announcement for the release GA in Debian (even
though the unofficial Victoria repo for Buster is ready and I could
spawn VMs on Buster + Victoria).

Anyways, all of this will settle slowly. Though Python 3.9 is here to
stay, and to soon reach Ubuntu as well (it's planned for the next release).

It'd be nice if projects were starting to investigate gating on Python
3.9 as early as possible. As much as I can tell, there's not so many
issues to fix. The first one I fixed is here:

but I don't expect much more, and hopefully, I'll be able to propose
more patch as I find the issues.

Must we wait until Python 3.9 reaches Ubuntu to enable gating in the
OpenStack projects?

FYI, I do expect Victoria to run over Python 3.9 in Bullseye. Please
don't reply with the usual "Victoria doesn't support it", because that's
irrelevant. I'm fine with backporting patches, as long as they also
exist in Wallaby.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)