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[ops][cinder] brocade fczm driver situation update

Happy Victoria Release Day!

This is a follow-up to my 26 June 2020 email concerning the proposed 
removal from cinder of the Brocade Fibre Channel Zone Manager driver 
[0], which, you may recall, the vendor no longer supports after the 
Train release and which was not operational in a Python 3 environment.

The Cinder community has decided to assume the maintenance of this 
driver on a best-effort basis.  See the "Known Issues" and "Other Notes" 
sections of the cinder victoria release notes [1] and the statement in 
the driver documentation [2] for what exactly this means.

Special thanks to Cinder core Gorka Eguileor for driving this effort. 
Gorka fixed the bugs that hitherto prevented the driver from operating 
in Python 3, and these fixes have been backported to stable/ussuri and 
stable/train.  Gorka also ran CI on driver against cinder victoria RC-1.

The Brocade FCZM driver does not have ongoing third-party CI. If you use 
this driver, and would be interested in running third-party CI for it, 
please contact the Cinder project team.  And if you have a relationship 
with the vendor, you may wish to ask them to reconsider their stance on 
this driver.