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[tripleo] Overcloud deploy fails with an unclear error


I'm thinking about doing some work in TripleO, so to that end
I started by trying to use it to install a small cluster, in VMs:
3 controllers and 1 compute. Cruised through preparation, images,
undercloud, and introspection, but overcloud deploy fails like this:

Ansible execution failed. playbook: /usr/share/ansible/tripleo-playbooks/cli-deploy-deployment-plan.yaml, Run Status: timeout, Return Code: 254
Exception occured while running the command
Traceback (most recent call last):

It looks like it tried to print the offending command, but tracebacked
in the process.

The ansible.log ends like this:

2020-10-09 19:40:22,540 p=986646 u=stack n=ansible | 2020-10-09 19:40:22.539658 | 52540071-b621-0e31-a2a5-000000000012 |       TASK | Deploy Plan
2020-10-09 19:41:54,718 p=986646 u=stack n=ansible | 2020-10-09 19:41:54.716712 | 52540071-b621-0e31-a2a5-000000000012 |    CHANGED | Deploy Plan | localhost
2020-10-09 19:41:54,734 p=986646 u=stack n=ansible | 2020-10-09 19:41:54.733720 | 52540071-b621-0e31-a2a5-000000000013 |       TASK | Wait for stack status

So, what now? Anyone has any ideas?

-- Pete