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[Vitrage] I have a problems with alertmanager's alarm in vitrage

Hi, I have been testing the Vitrage with prometheus and alertmanager. but i
have a little problem with it.
When I triggered the alarm with alertmanager on service version Ussuri and
Master(also devstack), Vitrage api couldn't get the alarm of alertmanager
because of auth issue error 401.
However it works properly devstack and Vitrage versions are Rocky.
In my personal opinion, upgrading the devstack version changes the endpoint
of vitrage service http://localhost:8999/v1/event to
http://localhost/rca/v1/event, but Vitrage services are still pointed at
the past endpoint.
Can I get a solution or tips for this problem?
Thank you.

Regards, Donghun

Donghun Cha (ì°¨ë??í??)

DCN Lab - Distributed Cloud and Network Research Lab

46, Sangdo-ro, Dongjak-gu, 07027, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel : +82-2-820-0841

Mobile : +82-10-4121-5662
E-mail : dcha94 at

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