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答复: [lists.openstack.org代发]Re: [placement][nova][cinder][neutron][blazar][tc][zun] Placement governance switch(back)

Hi, gibi, I am a contributor for nova and placement, and do many feature from Stein release, I would like to take on the role of *Release liaison*[1] in Placement to help more people.

Brin Zhang

å??件人: Balázs Gibizer [mailto:balazs.gibizer at]
å??é??æ?¶é?´: 2020å¹´10æ??5æ?¥ 23:40
�件人: Luigi Toscano <ltoscano at>
æ??é??: openstack-discuss <openstack-discuss at>
主é¢?: [lists.openstack.org代å??]Re: [placement][nova][cinder][neutron][blazar][tc][zun] Placement governance switch(back)

On Mon, Sep 28, 2020 at 13:04, Balázs Gibizer <balazs.gibizer at> wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 24, 2020 at 18:12, Luigi Toscano <ltoscano at>
> wrote:
>> On Thursday, 24 September 2020 17:23:36 CEST Stephen Finucane wrote:
>>>  Assuming no one steps forward for the Placement PTL role, it would
>>> appear to me that we have two options. Either we look at
>>> transitioning  Placement to a PTL-less project, or we move it back
>>> under nova  governance. To be honest, given how important placement
>>> is to nova and  other projects now, I'm uncomfortable with the
>>> idea of not having a  point person who is ultimately responsible for
>>> things like cutting a  release (yes, delegation is encouraged but
>>> someone needs to herd the  cats). At the same time, I do realize
>>> that placement is used by more  that nova now so nova cores and
>>> what's left of the separate placement  core team shouldn't be the
>>> only ones making this decision.
>>>  So, assuming the worst happens and placement is left without a PTL
>>> for  Victoria, what do we want to do?
>> I mentioned this on IRC, but just for completeness, there is another
>> option:
>> have the Nova candidate PTL (I assume there is just one) also apply
>> for Placement PTL, and handle the 2 realms in a personal union.
> As far as I know I'm the only nova PTL candidate so basically you
> asking me to take the Placement PTL role as well. This is a valid
> option. Still, first, I would like to give a chance to the DPL concept
> in Placement in a way yoctozepto suggested.

Bump. Do we 2-3 developers interested in running the Placement project in distributed project leadership[1] mode in Wallaby?


> Cheers,
> gibi
>> Ciao
>> --
>> Luigi