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[all][tc][goals] Migrate CI/CD jobs to new Ubuntu LTS Focal : Final update

Great job Ghanshyam and everybody.
Thank you!

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From: Ghanshyam Mann <gmann at> 
Sent: Friday, October 9, 2020 7:03 PM
To: openstack-discuss
Subject: [all][tc][goals] Migrate CI/CD jobs to new Ubuntu LTS Focal : Final update


Hello Everyone,

With the Integration testing moved to Ubuntu Focal, I am marking the 'Ubuntu Focal migration' community goal as complete. 


* Lot of work was involved in this. There are many changes required for this migration as compare to previous migration from Xenial to Bionic.
** Many dependencies lower constraint compatible with py3.8 and Focal distro had to be updated.  Almost in all the repos.
** Mysql 8.0 caused many incompatible DB issues.

* I missed the original deadline of m-2 to complete this goal due to falling gates and to avoid any gate block for any projects.

* More than 300 repo had been fixed or tested in advance before migration happened. This helped a lot to keep gate green during this migration.

* We had to keep few jobs in Bionic due to time constraints and move the rest of the other projects jobs on Focal. These are under work by the respective team.
** Manila, freezer-tempest, magnum-tempest-plugin-tests-api, ironic-python-agent-builder due to diskimage-builder[1] etc

* Deployment projects are communicated (openstack-helm, tripleo if needed) or already in-progress (puppet-openstack) for this migration and the respective team need to check if any updates needed.

I would like to convey special Thanks to everyone who helped in this goal and made it possible to complete it in Victoria cycle itself.