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[release] Release countdown for week R-0 Oct 12-16

Development Focus

We will be releasing the coordinated OpenStack Victoria release next week,
on October 14. Thanks to everyone involved in the Victoria cycle!

We are now in pre-release freeze, so no new deliverable will be created
until final release, unless a release-critical regression is spotted.

Otherwise, teams attending the virtual PTG should start to plan
what they will be discussing there, by creating and filling team etherpads.
You can access the list of PTG etherpads at:

General Information

On release day, the release team will produce final versions of
deliverables following the cycle-with-rc release model, by re-tagging
the commit used for the last RC.

A patch doing just that will be proposed. PTLs and release liaisons should
watch for that final release patch from the release team. While not
required, we would appreciate having an ack from each team before we
approve it on the 16th, so that their approval is included in the metadata
that goes onto the signed tag.

Upcoming Deadlines & Dates

Final Victoria release: October 14
Open Infra Summit: October 19-23
Wallaby PTG: October 26-30