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[tempest][nova][interop] Deletion of test_reboot_server_soft from Tempest


we'd like to inform you that we are going to remove the following compute
test by this commit [1]:
test_reboot_server_soft with id 4640e3ef-a5df-482e-95a1-ceeeb0faa84d

The reasons are:
- Nova has switched to hard reboot if the guest is not responding, there is
no way to see the difference from the API
- minimum scenario test uses soft reboot and the nova functional test also
covers reboot
- the test has been skipped on Tempest side for more than 6 years
- the test is not part of any latest guideline of interop [2]


Please let us know in case of any objection on this test removal.


Martin Kopec

Software Quality Engineer

Red Hat EMEA <>

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