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help with Openstack magnum in train


I have openstack train deployed by kolla-ansible and am trying to deploy a k8s cluster on Fedora Atomic 27 with magnum
it seems there is no podman binary in the Atomic 27 image
 specifically, Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64.qcow2

I have set the label use_podman=false

however, the template seems to ignore that which results in this error in the heat agent log:

WARNING Attempt 12: Trying to install kubectl. Sleeping 5s

  *   i=12
  *   '[' 12 -gt 60 ']'
  *   echo 'WARNING Attempt 12: Trying to install kubectl. Sleeping 5s'
  *   sleep 5s
  *   ssh -F /srv/magnum/.ssh/config root at localhost '/usr/bin/podman run --entrypoint /bin/bash --name install-kubectl --net host --privileged --rm --user root --volume /srv/magnum/bin:/host/srv/magnum/bin<> -c '''cp /usr/local/bin/kubectl /host/srv/magnum/bin/kubectl''''
bash: /usr/bin/podman: No such file or directory

[fedora at test-quznqfqfa5ld-master-0 ~]$ which podman
/usr/bin/which: no podman in (/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/home/fedora/.local/bin:/home/fedora/bin)

I have tried a later version of atomic but the dependencies are closely coupled and it seems I must use version 27 - what am I missing?

I'm following along with the Train documentation

and was able to deploy a docker swarm cluster.



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