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"This system does not support SSSE3" while creating an instance in openstack

While creating a VM instance in openstack (created using devstack), , I
have got an issue â??this system does not support SSSE3â??. The cpu_mode in
both /etc/nova/nova.conf and nova-cpu.conf was "none" so I tried changing
it to use "host-model" or "host-passthrough". It didn't work on both the
cases. I still get the same SSSE3 not supported error.
I did grep in "/proc/cpuinfo", and found the ssse3 entry.

Then I tried changing LIBVIRT_CPU_MODE to host-passthrough of
"devstack/lib/nova" file and ran and The issue still
persists. Please suggest how to resolve this issue?

Name:- Subhajit Chatterjee
DEPT.:- Computer Science and Engineering
IIT Delhi
Email:- babu89jucse at
Phone number:- +91 9958555224
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