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Is Storyboard really the future?

On 2020-09-14 12:35:18 +0100 (+0100), Sean Mooney wrote:
> for larger projects like nova gitea still performs quite
> pooly

Is this still the case today? Browsing has been rather snappy for me
since the performance fixes went in a while back.

> gitea might also work and i would be interested to see what that
> would looklike as i think issue tracking was onething
> github/gitlab got right.

At the moment, Gitea is purely a read-only code browsing and Git
server interface in the OpenDev Collaboratory. Any of its more
interactive features have been disabled so that we can load-balance
requests across multiple (currently eight) Gitea servers to handle
the volume of code browsing and Git fetches we see at peak. These
multiple Gitea services can't share a common database backend, and
until that happens we can't really consider trying any of its
features which require accounts/authentication or storing stateful
data (issues, wiki, et cetera).

> the pushback on launchpad primarly comes form the fact that is not
> hosted by the openstack foundation and as a result you need an
> external ubuntu one login. that said you use teh same login for
> gerrit so removeing the use of launchpad will not  remove the need
> for you account unless we also added a new singel signon provider
> hosted by the foundation. gerrit certenly support other openid
> backends but its not configured for them on opendev or at least
> the openstack one is not.

The plan is and has always been to put together a central
authentication broker to act as an SSO for all of the services which
make up the OpenDev Collaboratory, for a more consistent and
flexible user experience. It wouldn't be managed by the OSF, it
would just be part of the services we're managing in OpenDev:

If anyone's interested in helping us execute that plan, please let
us know. The more, the merrier!
Jeremy Stanley
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