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Is Storyboard really the future?

On 2020-09-14 10:17:32 +0200 (+0200), Gaël THEROND wrote:
> The foundation made a first step toward that by migrating every
> project on gitea, and honestly, Iâ??m still amazed that while
> migrating those projects it wasnâ??t decided to use the
> issues/projects feature of gitea.

Credit where credit is due, this was the work of the OpenStack
Infrastructure Team (and later OpenDev) sysadmins and contributors,
not anything driven by or even recommended by the OSF. If anything,
the bulk of the work there was contributed by Red Hat employees.

> There even is a cicd zuul plugin for gitea.

Neat! Where did you find that? I don't think the Zuul contributors
are aware it even exists (at least I hadn't heard about it until
Jeremy Stanley
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