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[cinder] propose Lucio Seki for cinder core

On 9/10/20 9:51 PM, Brian Rosmaita wrote:
> Lucio Seki (lseki on IRC) has been very active this cycle doing reviews, 
> answering questions in IRC, and participating in the Cinder weekly 
> meetings and at the midcycles.  He's been particularly thorough and 
> helpful in his reviews of backend drivers, and has also been helpful in 
> giving pointers to new driver maintainers who are setting up third party 
> CI for their drivers.  Having Lucio as a core reviewer will help improve 
> the team's review bandwidth without sacrificing review quality.
> In the absence of objections, I'll add Lucio to the core team just 
> before the next Cinder team meeting (Wednesday, 16 September at 1400 UTC 
> in #openstack-meeting-alt).  Please communicate any concerns to me 
> before that time.
> cheers,
> brian

+1 from me, thanks for the contributions so far, Lucio!