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[Magnum][kolla-ansible][kayobe] Information gathering for 2 blocking issues

Hi feilong, hope you are keeping well. Thank you for the info!

For issue 1. Maybe this should be with the kayobe/kolla-ansible team.
Thanks for the insight :)

For the 2nd one, I was able to run the HOT template in your link. There's
no issues at all running that multiple times concurrently while using the
0MB disk flavour. I tried four times with the last three executing one
after the other so that they ran parallelly.  All were successful and
completed and did not complain about the 0MB disk issue.

Does this conclude that the error and create-failed issue relates to Magnum
or could you suggest other steps to test on my side?

Best regards,

Tony Pearce

On Thu, 10 Sep 2020 at 16:01, feilong <feilong at> wrote:

> Hi Tony,
> Sorry for the late response for your thread.
> For you HTTPS issue, we (Catalyst Cloud) are using Magnum with HTTPS and
> it works.
> For the 2nd issue, I think we were misunderstanding the nodes disk
> capacity. I was assuming you're talking about the k8s nodes, but seems
> you're talking about the physical compute host. I still don't think it's a
> Magnum issue because a k8s master/worker nodes are just normal Nova
> instances and managed by Heat. So I would suggest you use a simple HOT to
> test it, you can use this
> Most of the cloud providers or organizations who have adopted Magnum are
> using Ceph as far as I know, just FYI.
> On 10/09/20 4:35 pm, Tony Pearce wrote:
> Hi all, hope you are all keeping safe and well. I am looking for
> information on the following two issues that I have which surrounds Magnum
> project:
> 1. Magnum does not support Openstack API with HTTPS
> 2. Magnum forces compute nodes to consume disk capacity for instance data
> My environment: Openstack Train deployed using Kayobe (Kolla-ansible).
> With regards to the HTTPS issue, Magnum stops working after enabling HTTPS
> because the certificate / CA certificate is not trusted by Magnum. The
> certificate which I am using is one that was purchased from GoDaddy and is
> trusted in web browsers (and is valid), just not trusted by the Magnum
> component.
> Regarding compute node disk consumption issue - I'm at a loss with regards
> to this and so I'm looking for more information about why this is being
> done and is there any way that I could avoid it?  I have storage provided
> by a Cinder integration and so the consumption of compute node disk for
> instance data I need to avoid.
> Any information the community could provide to me with regards to the
> above would be much appreciated. I would very much like to use the Magnum
> project in this deployment for Kubernetes deployment within projects.
> Thanks in advance,
> Regards,
> Tony
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