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[InteropWG] Seeking ideas for InteropWG Branding for Open Infra

Hi all,
Please add your ideas for discussions for Forum

Since any Interop case, it's best presented by PTLs their requirments, like to invite Ironic/metal3/MaaS and Container Projects(Zun,kuryr, magnum, kolla...) to help us define the new Branding strategy for Open Infra projects like (Airship, Starlingx, Kata, Zuul, Openlabs ...)
Note we see one opportunity coming out of BareMetal as a Service for Ironic routed through Metal3 which is now a CNCF Sandbox project.
The other we see OpenInfa-ready-k8s-container and/or based on Zun- CRI (Docker, Containerd, Kata...), CNI (kuryr) & CSI (?) & COE as Magnum

Please add your ideas and time you may need for us to go over these emerging ideas for re-imagining clusters in Open Infra with Baremetal as well VM Nodes over Private & Public clouds.
ThanksFor InteropWGPrakash

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