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[manila][release] Some feature patches will merge today

Hello Stackers,

As is unusual, we have found ourselves with a few unmerged feature patches
at the wrong side of the feature freeze:

[Container driver] Adds share and share server migration:
[NetApp] Enables configuring NFS transfer limits:
[NetApp] Add support for share server migration:
[NetApp] Adding support for Adaptive QoS in NetApp driver with dhss false:

These patches have been getting review attention late in the cycle, and
were caught up in CI failures and code collisions. The code changes above
are isolated within driver modules in the code that are explicitly
configured/optionally enabled by deployers. These changes do not:

- introduce any new library dependencies to manila, or
- modify the API, DB, RPC, driver interface layers
- introduce new requirements into the client library (python-manilaclient)

They do introduce translatable exception strings - however, manila has not
received translation updates in the past. We're looking to get these merged
today. Hope that's okay - do let me know of any gotchas.

Goutham Pacha Ravi
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