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"openstack server list" takes 30s


we had this a couple of years ago in our Ocata cloud, in our case  
memcached was not configured correctly. Since you might be  
experiencing another memcached issue according to your other thread  
[1] it could be worth double-checking your memcache configuration.



Zitat von melanie witt <melwittt at>:

> On 9/10/20 21:15, Tony Liu wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I built a Ussuri cluster with 3 controllers and 5 compute nodes.
>> OpenStack CLI ran pretty fast at the beginning, but gets slower
>> over time along with increased workloads. Right now, it takes
>> about 30s to list 10 VMs. The CPU, memory and disk usage are on
>> those 3 controllers are all in the range. I understand there are
>> many API calls happening behind CLI. I'd like to figure out how
>> this 30s is consumed, which call is the killer.
>> Any guidance or hint would be helpful.
> To see the individual calls made by OSC and troubleshoot the reason  
> for the slowness, you can use the --debug option:
> $ openstack --debug server list
> Besides that, there is something that I know of that can be slow:  
> the flavor and image name lookup. This happens if you have a Large  
> Number of flavors and/or images. There are a couple of options you  
> can use to make this faster:
> $ openstack server list --name-lookup-one-by-one
> This will make OSC lookup flavors and images only once per unique  
> flavor/image in the list and uses the cached value for subsequent  
> appearances in the list [1]. I think this should have been made the  
> default behavior when it was introduced but it was nacked and  
> accepted only as opt-in.
> The other option skips name lookup altogether and shows UUIDs only  
> instead of names [2]:
> $ openstack server list --no-name-lookup
> Hope this helps,
> -melanie
> [1]  
> [2]