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"openstack server list" takes 30s


You could try to use osProfiler.


Tony Liu <tonyliu0592 at> schrieb am Fr., 11. Sept. 2020, 06:24:

> Hi,
> I built a Ussuri cluster with 3 controllers and 5 compute nodes.
> OpenStack CLI ran pretty fast at the beginning, but gets slower
> over time along with increased workloads. Right now, it takes
> about 30s to list 10 VMs. The CPU, memory and disk usage are on
> those 3 controllers are all in the range. I understand there are
> many API calls happening behind CLI. I'd like to figure out how
> this 30s is consumed, which call is the killer.
> Any guidance or hint would be helpful.
> Thanks!
> Tony
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