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Is Storyboard really the future?

On 2020-09-10 18:45:20 +0200 (+0200), RadosÅ?aw Piliszek wrote:
> You are right there that we can't necessarily solve this for
> everyone. But at the moment it's confusing in that projects are
> partially there and partially elsewhere *because of the
> recommendation*. Obviously one can't do anything about escalation
> to libvirt/qemu/kernel bugzillas but those are external projects.
> For OpenStack projects we can have better guidelines.

Also, while maybe not the perfect solution, the code browser at has a prominent Issues link which
takes you directly to their page
(for example).

> I meant this thread to be against the recommendation, not the
> software/instance itself. The recommendation introduced a feeling
> that Storyboard *should* be used, Launchpad is not really
> mentioned any longer either. To reiterate, I don't think it sounds
> like it *must* be used (and surely is not a requirement) but
> *should* is enough to cause bad experience for both sides (users
> trying to report and teams trying to keep track of reported
> issues).

Yes, perhaps part of the disconnect here is that StoryBoard is one
of the services provided by OpenDev so the OpenDev Manual is of
course going to describe how to make use of it. We do also provide
some Launchpad integration which warrants documenting, but as we
don't actually run Launchpad we aren't going to maintain extensive
documentation for the platform itself. On the other hand, the
OpenStack Contributor Guide, OpenStack Project Teams Guide, or
similar OpenStack-specific documentation certainly *can* document it
in much greater detail if that's useful to the OpenStack community
at large.
Jeremy Stanley
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