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Is Storyboard really the future?

Hi fellow OpenStackers,

The subject is the question I am posing.
The general recommendation is to use Storyboard for new projects [1].
However, Storyboard does not seem to be receiving enough love recently [2] [3].
It's generally deemed as slow [4] and is missing quite a few usability
enhancements [2].
Considering the alternative, and the actual previous recommendation,
is Launchpad, I find it no-brainer to revert to recommending Launchpad
still, even paving a way for projects wishing to escape the Storyboard
nightmare. :-)

Don't get me wrong, I really like the Story/Task orientation but
Storyboard results in a frustrating experience. In addition to being
slow, it has issues with search/filter, sorting and pagination which
make issue browsing an utter pain.
I know Launchpad is not without issues but it's certainly a much
better platform at the moment.
And many projects are still there.

The Launchpad-Storyboard split is also introducing confusion for users
[5] and coordinability issues for teams as we need to cross-link
manually to get proper visibility.

All in all, I ask you to consider recommending Launchpad again and
encourage OpenStack projects to move to Launchpad.

Extra note: I find it in a similar spot as ask.o.o - nice it has been
tried, but unfortunately it did not stand the test of time.