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[Magnum][kolla-ansible][kayobe] Information gathering for 2 blocking issues

Hi all, hope you are all keeping safe and well. I am looking for
information on the following two issues that I have which surrounds Magnum

1. Magnum does not support Openstack API with HTTPS
2. Magnum forces compute nodes to consume disk capacity for instance data

My environment: Openstack Train deployed using Kayobe (Kolla-ansible).

With regards to the HTTPS issue, Magnum stops working after enabling HTTPS
because the certificate / CA certificate is not trusted by Magnum. The
certificate which I am using is one that was purchased from GoDaddy and is
trusted in web browsers (and is valid), just not trusted by the Magnum

Regarding compute node disk consumption issue - I'm at a loss with regards
to this and so I'm looking for more information about why this is being
done and is there any way that I could avoid it?  I have storage provided
by a Cinder integration and so the consumption of compute node disk for
instance data I need to avoid.

Any information the community could provide to me with regards to the above
would be much appreciated. I would very much like to use the Magnum project
in this deployment for Kubernetes deployment within projects.

Thanks in advance,


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