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Moving on

Thank you very very much for all you time and dedication to OpenStack and Zuul.
It was a pleasure working with you. 
And best of luck on your new endeavor.
We will miss you.

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Subject: Moving on


Hi everybody,

After 10 years of OpenStack, the time has come for me to move on to the next challenge. Actually, the time came a few weeks ago, but writing farewells has always been something Iâ??m particularly bad at. My last day at Red Hat was actually July 31 and Iâ??m now working in a non-OpenStack job.

Iâ??m at a loss for words as to what more to say. Iâ??ve never done anything for 10 years before, and Iâ??ll be very surprised if I do anything else for 10 years again. While Iâ??m excited about the new things on my plate, Iâ??ll obviously miss everyone.

As I am no longer being paid by an OpenStack employer, I will not be doing any OpenStack things as part of my day job. Iâ??m not sure how much spare time Iâ??ll have to be able to contribute. Iâ??m going to hold off on resigning core memberships pending a better understanding of that. I think itâ??s safe to assume I wonâ??t be able to continue on as SDK PTL though.

I wish everyone all the best, and I hope life conspires to keep us all connected.

Thank you to everyone for an amazing 10 years.