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[tripleo][ansible] ensure python dependencies on hosts for modules/plugins

Since most of tripleo-ansible modules do 'import foobar', we should 
ensure that we have the corresponding python packages installed on 
target hosts. Some of them, like python3-dmidecode may be in base 
Centos8 images. But some may not, especially for custom deployed-servers 
provided by users for deployments.

Those packages must be tracked and ensured to be installed by tripleo 
(preferred), or validated deploy-time (nah...), or at least documented 
as the modules get created or changed by devs.

That also applies to adding action plugins' deps for 
python-tripleoclient or tripleo-ansible perhaps.

Shall we write a spec for that or just address that as a bug [0]?


Best regards,
Bogdan Dobrelya,
Irc #bogdando