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Kolla-ansible ironic

Huge thanks, that seems to have solved it.


From: Pierre Riteau <pierre at>
Date: Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at 3:11 PM
To: Thomas Wakefield <dwakefi2 at>
Cc: "openstack-discuss at" <openstack-discuss at>
Subject: Re: Kolla-ansible ironic

The openstack CLI only includes support for core OpenStack services. Support for additional services is implemented through plugins, generally included in the client package of each service. Run `pip install python-ironicclient` and you will get access to `openstack baremetal` commands.

On Tue, 8 Sep 2020 at 20:51, Thomas Wakefield <dwakefi2 at<mailto:dwakefi2 at>> wrote:

We are new to using OpenStack and are testing out Kolla-ansible with hopes of using Ironic as a deployment tool.  Our issue is we canâ??t use the openstack baremetal command, itâ??s not found after deployment.  Our current test environment is built using Train on CentOS 7.  And all other basic OpenStack functionality seems to be working with our Kolla install (nova, glance, horizon, etc).

We followed these docs, , but when we get to running any â??openstack baremetalâ?? commands we donâ??t seem to have the baremetal commands available in openstack.

Globals.yml lines that should be relavent:

enable_horizon_ironic: "{{ enable_ironic | bool }}"
enable_ironic: "yes"
enable_ironic_ipxe: "yes"
enable_ironic_neutron_agent: "{{ enable_neutron | bool and enable_ironic | bool }}"
enable_ironic_pxe_uefi: "no"
#enable_iscsid: "{{ (enable_cinder | bool and enable_cinder_backend_iscsi | bool) or enable_ironic | bool }}"
ironic_dnsmasq_interface: "em1"
# The following value must be set when enabling ironic,
ironic_dnsmasq_dhcp_range: ","
ironic_dnsmasq_boot_file: "pxelinux.0"
ironic_cleaning_network: "demo-net"

Ironic is listed as an installed service, but you can see the baremetal commands are not found:
root at orc-os5:~## openstack service list
| ID                               | Name             | Type                    |
| 0e5119acbf384714ab11520fadce36bb | nova_legacy      | compute_legacy          |
| 2ed83015047249f38b782901e03bcfc1 | ironic-inspector | baremetal-introspection |
| 5d7aabf15bdc415387fac54fa1ca21df | ironic           | baremetal               |
| 6d05cdce019347e9940389abed959ffb | neutron          | network                 |
| 7d9485969e504b2e90273af75e9b1713 | cinderv3         | volumev3                |
| a11dc04e83ed4d9ba65474b9de947d1b | keystone         | identity                |
| ad0c2db47b414b34b86a5f6a5aca597c | glance           | image                   |
| dcbbc90813714c989b82bece1c0d9d9f | nova             | compute                 |
| de0ee6b55486495296516e07d2e9e97c | heat             | orchestration           |
| df605d671d88496d91530fbc01573589 | cinderv2         | volumev2                |
| e211294ca78a418ea34d9c29d86b05f1 | placement        | placement               |
| f62ba90bc0b94cb9b3d573605f800a1f | heat-cfn         | cloudformation          |
root at orc-os5:~## openstack baremetal
openstack: 'baremetal' is not an openstack command. See 'openstack --help'.
Did you mean one of these?
  credential create
  credential delete
  credential list
  credential set
  credential show

Is there anything else that needs configured to activate ironic?

Thanks in advance.

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