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[requirements][FFE] Cinder multiple stores support

Hi Team,

Last week we released glance_store 2.3.0 which adds support for
configuring cinder multiple stores as glance backend.
While adding functional tests in glance for the same [1], we have
noticed that it is failing with some hard requirements from oslo side
to use project_id instead of tenant and user_id instead of user.
It is really strange behavior as this failure occurs only in
functional tests but works properly in the actual environment without
any issue. The fix is proposed in glance_store [2] to resolve this

I would like to apply for FFE with this glance_store patch [2] to be
approved and release a new version of glance_store 2.3.1.

Kindly provide approval for the same.


Thanks and Regards,
Rajat Dhasmana
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