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[ironic] The Sanity Preservation Un-Conference, or SPUC - An Ironic gathering!

So we seem to be gaining consensus[0] around 5 PM UTC on Friday!

Vote now if you've not voted already!



On Mon, Mar 23, 2020 at 10:06 AM Julia Kreger
<juliaashleykreger at> wrote:
> Greetings Humans, Vulcans, AIs, and any other form of life!
> Today in the Ironic team meeting, we decided that we needed to have an
> un-conference!
> In the theme of an un-conference, I think we will start with two
> simple questions:
> * How is everyone?
> * What ironic (or non-ironic) things shall we discuss?
> From there, we will identify topics of discussion, and possibly jump
> into separate video calls for ~15 minutes each, depending on the
> number of topics and general insanity.
> During the last ?15? minutes or so, we shall reconvene into the same
> video call to enjoy a little time sipping coffee Coffee, Tea or other
> delicious beverages while we determine who is wearing the silliest
> hat! So if you have a steampunk hat with gears or even some kind of
> hat you would wear to a fancy horse race, go right ahead! Only have a
> rose from your growing quarantine garden! You can wear that too!
> So what do you need to do!
> 1) Fill out the doodle[0] so we can actually schedule a time that
> works for a group of people!
> 2) Brainstorm some ideas of things you might want to talk
> about/present or LEARN!
> 3) Dust off your silly hats!
> NB: I know the windows on this doodle overlap with Baremetal SIG
> doodle that I sent out a little while ago. We will figure it out.
> -Julia
> [0]: