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During the last ?15? minutes or so, we shall reconvene into the same
video call to enjoy a little time sipping coffee Coffee, Tea or other
delicious beverages while we determine who is wearing the silliest
hat! So if you have a steampunk hat with gears or even some kind of
hat you would wear to a fancy horse race, go right ahead! Only have a
rose from your growing quarantine garden! You can wear that too!

So what do you need to do!
1) Fill out the doodle[0] so we can actually schedule a time that
works for a group of people!
2) Brainstorm some ideas of things you might want to talk
about/present or LEARN!
3) Dust off your silly hats!

NB: I know the windows on this doodle overlap with Baremetal SIG
doodle that I sent out a little while ago. We will figure it out.


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