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[cinder][qa] propose Liang Fang for devstack-plugin-open-cas-core

On 20/03, Brian Rosmaita wrote:
> Liang Fang is driving the effort to create the devstack-plugin-open-cas and
> use it to test the cinder/nova volume-local-cache feature with tempest.
> Since he's our SME on open-cas, I propose that he be made a member of
> devstack-plugin-open-cas-core.  (Currently, the only members of that group
> are the members of cinder-core and devstack-core.)
> In the absence of objections, I'll make the change before the next Cinder
> team meeting (Wednesday, 25 March at 1400 UTC in its new location of
> #openstack-meeting-alt).
> cheers,
> brian

+1 Great idea!