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[tripleo][ci] Proposing Chandan Kumar and Arx Cruz as TripleO-CI cores

Hello Emilien,

Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it.
You are right, there are places that I really can improve, and I will work
to improve it, and I really looking forward to have your help.

Regarding the amount of reviews and commits, itâ??s true that I havenâ??t be so
active on tripleo upstream projects, but please, remember that stackalytics
only reflect the projects under tripleo umbrella, and you know that in
tripleo-ci we also work on rdo side, where Iâ??ve been working more
activelly, right now, working on integration with thirdy party projects
like podman and ceph-ansible, which is not directly related to Tripleo
indeed, but are key projects to Tripleo work properly.

Also, look only in the latest release patches doesnâ??t seems to be too fair,
if you check the previous release I have more than double of reviews
(although yes, the number of commits remains stable), and probably if you
get the Ussuri release, I will not have too much reviews or commits, since
Iâ??ve been on vacation mostly of the december.

Also, and please, correct me if I am wrong, I donâ??t remember anytime that
people ping me on IRC and I did not reply, or was prompt to help, if that
happens, please accept my sincere apologies, as you know, when things are
on fire (long time without promotions for example, like the last sprint I
was ruck and rover) our focus is to make things get back to normal.

One more time, I am taking your feedback, and Iâ??ll do my best to improve in
the areas you point, and hopefully change your mind regarding my core

Kind regards,
Arx Cruz

On Fri, 10 Jan 2020 at 16:45 Emilien Macchi <emilien at> wrote:

> +1 for Chandan; no doubt; he's always available on IRC to help when things
> go wrong in gate or promotion, and very often he's proposing the fix.
> Providing thoroughful reviews, and multi-project contributors, I've seen
> Chandan involved not only in TripleO CI but also in other projects like RDO
> and TripleO itself. I've seen him contributing to the tripleo-common and
> tripleoclient projects; which make him someone capable to understand not
> only how CI works but also how the project in general works. Having him
> core is to me natural.
> Number of commits/reviews shows his interests in the CI repos:
> ----
> I hate playing devil's advocate here but I'll give my honest (and
> hopefully constructive) opinion.
> I would like to see more involvement from Arx in the TripleO community. He
> did a tremendous work on openstack-ansible-os_tempest; however this repo
> isn't governed by TripleO CI group. I would like to see more reviews; where
> he can bring his expertise; and not only in Gerrit but also on IRC when
> things aren't going well (gate issues, promotion blockers, etc).
> Number of commits/reviews aren't low but IMHO can be better for a core
> reviewer.
> I don't think it'll take time until Arx gets there but to me it's a -1 for
> now, for what it's worth.
> Emilien
> On Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 9:20 AM Ronelle Landy <rlandy at> wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I'd like to propose Arx Cruz (arxcruz at and Chandan Kumar (
>> chkumar at as core on tripleo-ci repos (tripleo-ci,
>> tripleo-quickstart, tripleo-quickstart-extras).
>> In addition to the extensive work that Arx and Chandan have done on the
>> Tempest-related repos ( and Tempest interface/settings within the Tripleo
>> CI repos) , they have become active contributors to the core Tripleo CI
>> repos, in general, in the past two years.
>> Please vote by replying to this thread with +1 or -1 for any objections.
>> We will close the vote 7 days from now.
>> Thank you,
>> Ronelle
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> Emilien Macchi

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