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[release] Release countdown for week R-17, January 13-17

Development Focus
The Ussuri-2 milestone will happen in next month, on February 13.
Ussuri-related specs should now be finalized so that teams can move to
implementation ASAP. Some teams observe specific deadlines on the second
milestone (mostly spec freezes): please refer to for details.

General Information
Please remember that libraries need to be released at least once per milestone
period. At milestone 2, the release team will propose releases for any library
that has not been otherwise released since milestone 1.

Other non-library deliverables that follow the cycle-with-intermediary release
model should have an intermediary release before milestone-2. Those who haven't
will be proposed to switch to the cycle-with-rc model, which is more suited to
deliverables that are released only once per cycle.

At milestone-2 we also freeze the contents of the final release. If you have a
new deliverable that should be included in the final release, you should make
sure it has a deliverable file in:

You should request a beta release (or intermediary release) for those new
deliverables by milestone-2. We understand some may not be quite ready for a
full release yet, but if you have something minimally viable to get released it
would be good to do a 0.x release to exercise the release tooling for your
deliverables. See the MembershipFreeze description for more details:

Finally, now may be a good time for teams to check on any stable releases that
need to be done for your deliverables. If you have bugfixes that have been
backported, but no stable release getting those. If you are unsure what is out
there committed but not released, in the openstack/releases repo, running the
command "tools/ <cycle_name>" gives a nice

Upcoming Deadlines & Dates
Ussuri-2 Milestone: February 13 (R-13 week)