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[tripleo][ci] Proposing Chandan Kumar and Arx Cruz as TripleO-CI cores

+1 for Chandan; no doubt; he's always available on IRC to help when things
go wrong in gate or promotion, and very often he's proposing the fix.
Providing thoroughful reviews, and multi-project contributors, I've seen
Chandan involved not only in TripleO CI but also in other projects like RDO
and TripleO itself. I've seen him contributing to the tripleo-common and
tripleoclient projects; which make him someone capable to understand not
only how CI works but also how the project in general works. Having him
core is to me natural.

Number of commits/reviews shows his interests in the CI repos:


I hate playing devil's advocate here but I'll give my honest (and hopefully
constructive) opinion.
I would like to see more involvement from Arx in the TripleO community. He
did a tremendous work on openstack-ansible-os_tempest; however this repo
isn't governed by TripleO CI group. I would like to see more reviews; where
he can bring his expertise; and not only in Gerrit but also on IRC when
things aren't going well (gate issues, promotion blockers, etc).

Number of commits/reviews aren't low but IMHO can be better for a core

I don't think it'll take time until Arx gets there but to me it's a -1 for
now, for what it's worth.


On Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 9:20 AM Ronelle Landy <rlandy at> wrote:

> Hello All,
> I'd like to propose Arx Cruz (arxcruz at and Chandan Kumar (
> chkumar at as core on tripleo-ci repos (tripleo-ci,
> tripleo-quickstart, tripleo-quickstart-extras).
> In addition to the extensive work that Arx and Chandan have done on the
> Tempest-related repos ( and Tempest interface/settings within the Tripleo
> CI repos) , they have become active contributors to the core Tripleo CI
> repos, in general, in the past two years.
> Please vote by replying to this thread with +1 or -1 for any objections.
> We will close the vote 7 days from now.
> Thank you,
> Ronelle

Emilien Macchi
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