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[ops][largescale-sig] Collecting scaling stories

Hi everyone,

As part of its goal of further pushing back scaling limits within a 
given cluster, the Large Scale SIG would like to collect scaling stories 
from OpenStack users.

There is a size/load limit for single clusters past which things in 
OpenStack start to break, and we need to start using multiple clusters 
or cells to scale out. The SIG is interested in hearing:

- what broke first for you, is it RabbitMQ or something else
- what were the first symptoms
- at what size/load did it start to break

This will be a great help to document expected limits, and identify 
where improvements should be focused.

You can contribute your experience by replying directly to this thread, 
or adding to the following etherpad:

Thanks in advance for your help !

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
on behalf of the Large Scale SIG