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[infra] Retire openstack/js-openstack-lib repository

Aye, will do at some point.

So the lib looks like user friendliness was not one of its goals. I
had a typo in credentials and instead of throwing unauth (or similar)
at me, it instead threw the whole response object (which node gladly
printed out as "Object" because why not).
Error handling to improve. OTOH, it checks code coverage and has both
kinds of tests (unit, functional).

As for more good news, I managed to run functional tests locally
against Stein with only two failures:
Failed: Current devstack glance version (2.7) is not supported.
Failed: Current devstack keystone version (3.12) is not supported.
which are quite expected (no idea why these are tested as functional,
these are more like sanity checks for debugging if functionals
actually fail IMHO).
Real functional tests passed and it really does what it says on the
box (which is very little but still).

The CI functional tests jobs in Zuul are part of the legacy dsvm
(devstack vm?) thingy.
nodejs4 fails because of repos being long gone, nodejs6 actually
installs nodejs8 but fails on npm being not installed.

I see all Zuul config is external now. I would prefer it all in lib's
repo. I presume it would work if I added zuul.d there, right? Still,
need to drop the failing functional jobs to merge anything new.

I did my research as promised, please let me know how we would like to
(/should) proceed now.


czw., 9 sty 2020 o 10:43 Andreas Jaeger <aj at> napisaÅ?(a):
> On 09/01/2020 08.58, RadosÅ?aw Piliszek wrote:
> > Best infra team around, you go to sleep and the problem is solved. :-)
> > Thanks for the link.
> >
> > I was meaning these templates:
> >
> > which reference nodejs up to 8.
> New templates for nodejs 10 or 11 are welcome ;)
> > I see zuul is already using the same jobs referenced in those
> > templates but with node 10 so it presumably works which is great
> > indeed:
> >
> >
> > The most nodejs-scary part is included in infra docs:
> >
> > which reference nodejs4 (exorcists required immediately).
> It is meant to reference the publish-to-npm nodejs jobs,
> Andreas
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