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[tripleo] Use Podman 1.6 in CI

Hey folks,

We have been running into a situation where an older version of Podman is
used in CI that has consistent failures. It has problems deleting storage
associated with a container. A possible workaround (originally created by
Damien) can be found here [1].

A few of us been in talks with the Podman team about this problem and have
tested with a newer version of it (1.6.4, to be exact) and found that it is
no longer an issue. The most ideal situation is to simply use this newer
version of Podman instead of adding hacky workarounds that we will soon
revert. However, I am unsure about how we would go about doing this
upstream. RHEL will soon get an updated Podman version but CentOS always
lags behind. Even CentOS 8 Stream does not contain the newer version [2].

The question/ask I have is can we ship/use a newer version of Podman in our
upstream CI? Or should we continue our efforts on making a workaround?


    Luke Short
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